Bam Bams Black Seed

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Everyone say hi to my newest homeboy, BamBam! He's another one of those crazy football playas from the Negro College by my apartment here in Atlanta, and he's friends with some of the playas I already know from that place! ;) I dressed up for my scene with Bam in my cute cowgirl outfit, cause I knew, right from the moment I saw his thick, powerful black legs and chiseled chest, that I'd be riding him just like a cowgirl! Hee hee!!! It's amazing, these black guys...Bam's kinda short, but like most black men, he penis is long and very powerful, measuring almost 9 inches when fully erect. And like most black men, he's able to achieve multiple orgasms, which I love of course!!! Watch closely in this week's update as Bam first fills up his condom with black seed (which I happily gulp down) and then, later, after some ass training, he shoots *more* black seed all over my face. Whew! What a ride! Enjoy!!! Watch Full-Length videos at Spring Thomas.


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