Black Atlanta Boys

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This week's update features a colored boy named Aries I met after dancing all night at a local hip-hop club here in Atlanta. Gawd the place was bumpin', and I found myself surrounded by about 20 niggahs, all rubbin' up on me and shit! LOL. Trust me, girls, they were rubbin' their cocks up on my ass while we were dirty dancin', and some of the size I felt was amazing! I mean these niggahs have it going! Well, sweet Aries kinda rescued me from that crazy crowd, and he took me home. On the way, I told him all about my site, and how great it is, and he said he was interested, so we hired him! He did such a great job with his powerful black cock all through his scene. I mean I *loved* it. We went to his homie's pad outside Atlanta, and we shot some pool...before he shot me with his creamy black love! Hee hee!! Gawd I loved it when he was hittin' it doggy style on the pool table. Like most black men, he tremendous penis grew and grew in me, almost taking my breath away. This was also the week in which I was to begin ass training, and I did so with Aries' help. He brought along some ass beads, and I must say my tight little ass did a pretty good job of taking them...all to preprare for the black cock! Aries cum was sweet to my lips, and I enjoyed the way it tasted. He ended up glueing one of my eyes shut...but oh well! Such is the life of a barely-legal black cock slut! Enjoy boys!!! Watch Full-Length videos at Spring Thomas.

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