Bailey Brooks 2-sucking black dick at the gloryhole

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Bailey Brooks 2 The reason why there is a 2 behind Bailey's name is because this is her second visit to a gloryhole with us shooting her adventure. She had so much fun at the last gloryhole, she decided to find another one. Bailey looks like she just stepped off of the Hooterville trolley, and can't wait to unleash those big melons and get right down to business strokin' the pearl in her crotch-based oyster. She's just getting close to her favorite zone when the black salami she was craving pops in and beckons her to open wide. She applies her lipstick on his dipstick, and when it's shove-in ready, she bends over and slips it into her lust canal. After she's done massaging it with her wet poontang, she goes back to the knees, and gives it a second coat of lipstick and in appreciation, he gives her tongue a nice cum glazing. Watch Full-Length videos at Glory Hole.


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